July 2022.Touchpoints in the Context of Developmental Challenges

Beginning July 2022

Brazelton Touchpoints is an evidence-based approach to building strong family-child relationships from before birth throughout childhood. Providers who implement Touchpoints in their practice partner with families to lay the vital foundation for children’s early learning and healthy development.

Touchpoints is a developmental-relational approach that applies a deep understanding of children’s behavior as the primary family-engagement strategy by anticipating known periods of increased stress in family functioning that are associated with developmental processes. Touchpoints builds strong, trusting partnerships between families and providers that can then effectively manage concerns that might arise about a child. Building relationships with families of children with special medical and developmental needs presents its own unique challenges.

This training will explore how Brazelton Touchpoints can help providers create and nurture collaborative partnerships with families, including families affected by children’s special needs. If you work with young children and families, this professional development offering will introduce you to concrete strengths-based and relational strategies you can use to support yourself and the families with whom you work.

Course Format:
This course consists of six modules. Each module will be facilitated in a live, interactive webinar format. The course is followed by six monthly one-hour virtual reflective practice sessions. Attendance is required at live sessions. Sessions are not recorded.

Live webinar dates/times:
Thursday, July 7th 8am-12pm EST
Thursday, July 14th 8am-12pm EST
Thursday, July 21st 8am-12pm EST
Thursday, July 28th 8am-12pm EST
Thursday, August 04th 8am-12pm EST
Thursday, August 11th 8am-12pm EST

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# of hours:

This course is approved for 20.35 Continuing Education Credits for physicians, nurses, social workers, and psychologists. Click Here for more details.

Professionals who work with families of young children, including pediatric health care providers, mental health practitioners, early care and educators, home visitors, early interventionists, and more.

What you will learn?:

  • Strategies for building partnerships with parents that promote family strengths

  • A framework to understand why children’s behavior can sometimes be challenging and confusing

  • Techniques for talking with families about child development concerns

  • How to actively listen to families and collaboratively solve problems related to child development or a child-family relationship
Number of participants:
Minimum of 10
Maximum of 18


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Clock Hour Credit: 24

  • Orientation & Introductions
  • Navigating the LMS presentation
  • Pre-Survey
  • Live Session Zoom Meeting Details
  • Perspective Taking & Developmental Framework
  • What do you bring? Discussion
  • Perspective Taking Journal - Bringing Your Families Into The Room
  • Developmental Framework Discussion
  • Group Agreements
  • Relational Framework, Newborn & Listening
  • Relational Framework Discussion
  • Newborn Touchpoint Presentation
  • How to Use Vialogues
  • Newborn Touchpoint Video and Discussion
  • Nine-Month Touchpoint & Anticipatory Guidance
  • Nine Month Touchpoint Video and Discussion
  • Anticipatory Guidance Journal Activity.pdf
  • Match, Mismatch, Repair Discussion
  • Toddler Touchpoint & Emotional Competence
  • Practicing Touchpoints Discussion
  • Toddler Touchpoint Video and Discussion
  • Crystal Moving Around.mp4
  • Toddler Touchpoint Presentation
  • Toddler Encounter Video
  • Post Survey
  • Reflective Practice Sessions
  • Reflective Practice Dates & Zoom Information
  • Touchpoints RP Session 1
  • Touchpoints RP Session 2
  • Touchpoints RP Session 3
  • Touchpoints RP Session 4
  • Touchpoints RP Session 5
  • Touchpoints RP Session 6
  • Follow-up Survey 100d
  • Follow-Up Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever